More than 500 organic, pedigree Lleyn breeding ewes, all Signet recorded & MV accredited. In addition to this there are 200+ Lleyn ewe lambs that are put to a Lleyn tup also.

Stock for Sale

At Stonehouse Farm we have been farming Lleyns since 2004. We have been sheep farming in large numbers all our working lives and before Lleyns our main flocks were 1200 mules and 1600 Beulahs. We were increasingly concerned about our vulnerability to disease when buying mule replacements and our inability to improve the genetic merit of the flock. We also needed a harder type of ewe to graze some of the Norfolk Heathland. ad always been interested in the Lleyns but were concerned that some flocks were on very good land and influenced by the show ring. Hence, when we had the opportunity to buy a flock dispersal of 1300 Lleyns from a hill farm in Aberdeenshire, we took the plunge and in one move exchanged our mules for Lleyns.

This flock has subsequently been based in the Norfolk Brecks, some of the driest and hardest land in the country. It has been ruthlessly culled, and over the past two years we have reduced the numbers and have become signet recorded in an effort to determine the high genetic merit and continue to improve. The flock became Signet recorded in 2010 (see here for more details). For the last two years the flock has been runner up in EBLEX's 'Most Improved Flock' awards. Lambs from the flock appear at the highest levels in the lists, and the flock has improved 5 times faster than the national average. This pedigree flock is now producing some of the highest genetic merit in the country, allowing the farm to capitalise on the value of the rams being produced. To see a list of current stock for sale, please click on the link at the top of the page.

We are flock number 1547 with the Lleyn Sheep Society, in addition to this we are also member of the Performance Recorded Lleyn Breeders group (see here for further details) with the aim of improving our own flock.